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Return on Investment


Increase on Target Audience


Boost on Prospective Customers

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Digital Signage Technology Solutions

Our digital signage technology solutions are aimed at all enterprises—big or small—of all types of business to boost revenues, increase employee productivity, interactively inform or communicate with the public or the target market, and customize products and services branding to provide a level-up personalized customer service experience.

We create fully integrated systems so you can FOCUS on your BUSINESS.

Your business means a lot to us. Our business relationship must thrive in a mutual, cooperative environment you and I win. You talk. We listen. We deliver.

Katomado Digital Business Focus


What We Offer

We’ll bring your digital technology solutions for your business to a cutting-edge level.

Digital Screen

Level up your customers’ experience while generating extra revenue through an ads campaign.

Website Building & Management

Reach out to over 200% of your customers with your brand’s presence online.

Web Design

Personalize your brand’s image winnable to your target audience. Web appearance talks the loudest.

Content Writing & Copy Editing

Boost your brand with winning content be it on your website, personal, or professional line.

Benefits of Digital Signage Technology

Boost Brand Awareness = Increase in Purchase Amounts

  • Research shows that 80% of consumers are likely to buy a brand that offers a personalized experience (Epsilon, 2018).
  • The survey of Accenture in 2018 found that “91% of consumers were more likely to shop with brands they recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.”

Personalization = Improved Customer Relationship

  • Evergage 2020 survey shows that 98% of marketers agree that personalization advances customer relationships.

Active + Passive Buyers → Customers

  • Convert active and passive buyers into customers by providing personalized product branding.
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Boost Revenue

Personalized Product/Company Branding

  • Generate extra revenue through a third-party ad campaign.
  • Level up customer experience by minimizing perceived wait time.

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